Slow Craft

After the total failure (or so it felt) of several projects I felt the need to slow it down. I was too inspired to take a break so I decided to do a little Slow Crafting. No rushing to an end target, no set time when it has to be done by, no fuss at all. I picked up one of those ‘failed’ projects and am slowly embroidering my way through it. If I finish it then fine, if I don’t then also fine. Plus hand stitching a rattle ball. I hated hand stitching for many many years. It once took me about an hour to hand stitch a label the size of a business card to a top. Loathing does not begin to describe how that felt. Of course that was pre-crafty days. Now there’s very little that I find to be as relaxing and meditative as hand sewing or embroidering. I love making each stitch myself, watching it appear slowly, teasingly.

Slow Craft

The slow crafting has had a flow through effect to other parts of my life too. Not surprisingly I have discovered how relaxing the simplicity is and have had a major clean out. On Saturday I had the extreme satisfaction of donating seven boxes of stuff to the thrift store. Today I cleaned out a bunch of craft books and other stuff that I haven’t used and don’t think I will get around to using and starting listing them on Trade Me. Locals can see the first lot of stuff here. I’ll list the rest tomorrow. Today I also finally put a few things in the shop. I’m feeling organised and relaxed. It won’t last but it’s sure a nice feeling.



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2 responses to “Slow Craft

  1. I find embroidery so relaxing, but hate doing mending! Hope feeling relaxed continues for a little while longer

  2. the elephants are soooo cute !
    your stitches are amazing !

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