Rocking it like Martha Stewart…minus the insider trading

The weather has been bad. So bad. There’s been nothing but rain, wind and mud for weeks here and there’s more to come this week. I’m chomping at the bit to get out and about but given that I went for a slip in the mud a couple of weeks ago (at the shops no less, so freaking embarrassing) I’m not keen to repeat that fun. So I’m stuck at home being uber domestic.

In the midst of sewing that was going so, so wrong (right sides together occasionally eludes me and always at the worst times) I decided to avoid deadlines take a break and embroider a wrist pincushion. A couple of hours I had the cutest thing ever and best of all, I finally used one of my Sublime Stitching transfers. I bought my first one about a year ago and have several now, so I thought I really better use them.

Wrist pincushion

Today we finally braved the weather and went out for the afternoon. A trip to the dodgy recycling shop at the landfill (you have to really dig for the treasure at that shop) where I came up with a really cute lap tray to lug my embroidery stuff from room to room. It needs to be resealed but for $1.20 who cares?

Thrifted decoupaged tray

We also finally visited the Wanda Harland shop where I promptly wanted…everything. Especially one of these. In each size preferably.


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7 responses to “Rocking it like Martha Stewart…minus the insider trading

  1. my3boysandi

    thats a lovely lap tray
    I LOVE butterflies

  2. I love those little rainbows…cute shop!

  3. The wrist pincushion is so cute.

  4. The pincushion came out so cute! Sometimes you have to take a break in order to proceed without going nuts! šŸ˜‰

  5. Brenda Davis

    Really cute pin cushion! I like the lap tray also.

  6. I love your wrist pincushion!! I might have to make one of those for myself!!! šŸ™‚

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