Getting a head start

Getting a head start

I figure if I start making decorations and presents in July then surely people will actually get something from me come December 25th. Maybe. We’ll see. After the last craft fair I found myself so crafted out I didn’t pick up a needle for over a month and I decided that I will try prevent that happening this time by starting a long term project before the fair that will carry me through. This will be our third Christmas together and the first we will have space for a tree. Seriously, we never even had space for a twig in a vase before now. But finally I get my very own Christmas tree. And rather than buy the nasty nasty cheap mass produced ornaments that are in my price range I want to make ornaments that have meaning for us. So I have drawn up a list (note to self: draw up a list so I can mean what I type) so that over the next 5 months I can make the ornaments that will form the basis of our family tree.

I’m still working on presents. But theres still time. 5 months is probably cutting it a bit tight (for me) but I’ll pull it off in the end I’m sure.

Yeah I know, worst blog entry ever but man, I really don’t think I am cut out for craft fairs. So much stress! Will I sell lots? Or anything at all? Will I have enough change? Will people like my stuff? Saturday can’t come soon enough.



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7 responses to “Getting a head start

  1. We’re thinking the same way lately. I just started making fairy acorn dolls last night for the same reason…I want to get a head start on Christmas. I hope you show us some of the ornaments you’re making on your blog here.

  2. I wish you every success with your craft fair sales.

  3. my3boysandi

    your organised my friend 🙂

    Id be really interested to see what Christmas decorations you make 🙂

    bet theyll be pretty you make some wonderful stuff 🙂

  4. I’m sure the fair will go fine. I’m planning on stopping by so I’ll make sure I introduce myself.

    Love the redwork! Agree about the mass-produced ornaments, although I have to admit I do have some on my tree because if I restricted myself to handcrafted ones the tree would not be very full! I like to buy one or two handcrafted or unique ornaments each year and as my collection increases I am getting rid of the yucky ornaments.

  5. Amy

    I’m with you on starting the decorations early. Each year I think I will get my act together a little sooner but have yet to do it.

  6. I’m in the same boat as you re Christmas trees, and totally agree on the handmade decorations! Now if I could just get around to actually making them…

  7. wow ! yep that’s a head start !
    these are going to be beautiful !
    I bought some Noro this week, to start a crocheted Christmas gift as well… never too early ;p

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