Procrastination 101

Everything has suddenly come due at once. I have to write two stories by Friday night. I have one plot and about 7 lines. I am also working mad hard on an embroidery as an example for the beginners embroidery workshop I am teaching at the craft fair on July 19th – assuming people are interested of course! I’ll be teaching 4 basic stitches and we’ll be practising them and then starting the Craft 2.0 panda which people will take away with them to finish. They get the hoop and needle and floss plus a handout with heaps of info, tips and websites and 90 minutes with moi. I’d pay for that. Look for a very very cool picture of my finished embroidery in my next entry. I’m about to start offering beginners classes and private lessons for kids and adults too. I put off beginning embroidery for so long so I’m hoping that if I offer classes then perhaps people will get up and just do it.

Anyway things are under way but…there’s two types of people. Those who do their important things then relax with time to spare. And those who don’t. I went to the thrift store yesterday. I cleaned the house this evening. Vacuumed even. And now I’m blogging. And thinking of a shop update for tomorrow. Guess which type I am.

Yesterdays thrifting produced a good haul though, which has been rare of late. A mint condition copy of The Poky Little Puppy. I read it as a child and I nearly squealed when I saw it. And these doilies. A couple are stained and need to be died but they are all craft inspiration galore:
Thrifted doilies



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3 responses to “Procrastination 101

  1. jen

    “The Poky Little Puppy” I LOVE that story

  2. There is a picture in the May Issue of Cotton Time with those kinds of doilies in a big frame that I just love! I keep meaning to be on the lookout for them, lucky you!

  3. Susan

    I’m of the procrastinating type, too. I turn 40 in 2 weeks and sometimes I wonder if I’ll ever grow up. It seems like such a childish thing to me lately. I want to meet someone 75 and still doing this, just to hear their wisdom about it. Or maybe I’ll just come to it on my own. After all, who was it that said, if you keep putting it off, why do it at all? Do what you love, instead! (Maybe that’s my own thing…and by the time I’m 75, I’ll be living THAT.)

    I do hope you got some things done, though!

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