What makes a good day

Finding a free bar of chocolate in the mail on a Saturday was the sign that it was going to be a very good day.

What makes a good day

We got given a free box of chocolates by my grandma later too. And both my grandma then my mother had a chocolate cake waiting for us to have a slice. My mother and I also the now familiar discussion where I said I want to learn to knit and my mother ‘shows me how’. By that I mean she waves the needles and yarn around in front of my eyes faster than I can understand, says “you twst it like this to cast on then you do this and do this and do this and there you go, you’re all set” and a row of stitches appear out of nowhere. She then hands the needles to me and I….fumble a lot to produce 4 stitches. This is going to have to wait until after the craft fair in a month but I’ll knit a usable something by the end of the year damn it! I’m not fussy about what, just something usable. Set the standards low and I just might achieve it. It’s part of my 101 in 1001 too (theres a link up the top of the page).

One thing I will NOT be able to knit anytime soon is anything complicated like a bunny. My mother knitted one at my request and she gave me the parts today to sew together. I am really not going to like sewing it together. For one thing one ear is 8 rows too short. Good one mum.

Here’s what he’s supposed to look like:
This is what it's supposed to look like

His current state:

And I’m also elbows deep in sewing Peanut the elephant from one of my favourite books. Not complicated but lots of little parts. A lot to do but truthfully…chocolate and lots of it, craft projects and lots of them equal a very good day.



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5 responses to “What makes a good day

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  2. My mom tries to teach me to knit in exactly the same way! 😉 My nine year old daughter caught on to knitting just fine but I have a pretty tough time of it. That bunny will be so cute when you’re finished…good luck!

  3. Yikes, poor bunny…I feel his pain! LOL! I’m sure he’ll be adorable once he is all together.

    My sister knits, but I don’t think I could ever have the patience…I keep thinking perhaps I could crochet, as it involves one stick and not two!

  4. cat owner

    i had same problem with knitting- complicated by the difference between my sisters lefthanded style, my aunts german style, and my friends nz style of knitting. sigh. i found a childrens learning to knit book which was simpler to follow. sadly ive discovered i dont much like knitting……..

  5. LOL I am such a crap knitter that it seems the same way to me: a bunch of needles waving around and voila! they’ve made something.

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