A tisket, a tasket, two more for the baby basket

The baby basket is a basket in the cupboard where I put all the stuff I have collected for my future baby. It sits next to my thrifted dolls cradle. There’s a few little onesies I bought to try applique on (and still need to try), two exquisite birds from Eva, a absolutely gorgeous wooden rattle that is going to become a family heirloom, various childhood toys I want to pass on and now it’s being filled with the toys I make. Not the good toys, oh no, those are going to the craft fair. Perhaps it will get a few of them if they don’t sell. These are the first tries where the closing seam went funny shaped, the toy that would look better with ears, the too good to throw out but too odd to sell sort of stuff. That really makes me sound bad, doesn’t it? I will make him or her plenty of good toys too, I am just getting in early and putting aside things that rattle that he/she/it can play with when it’s young enough not to know or care that mama has a shitty slipstitch.

Two more first tries for the baby basket

These went in the basket today. The ball closure down one side looks like someone took a bit out of it and the little rattle (everything I make has bells in it lately, I have baby rattles on the mind)…well I think it looks better with ears but it still may wind up on my stall next month. I’m going for a wide variety of stock and that includes tiny little things that cost exactly the same amount of change you have in your purse 😉 Very convenient.


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3 responses to “A tisket, a tasket, two more for the baby basket

  1. my3boysandi

    your baby when you get him/her is going to have so many lovely things to play with 🙂 what a blessed he/she shall be 🙂

  2. I was just thinking…what a lucky little baby that will get those sweet toys.

  3. Oh I love that wee doll, the wee sleeping face. So sweet I could eat it up!

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