love stitches indeed

I have bells on the brain. Well baby rattles probably but really anything that tinkles. When we got the cat back we promptly put a garish flouro yellow collar on him with a bell on it. Wearing a collar was never his thing plus we further tortured him by writing his name and phone number on it in large letters. So we have spent the last couple of months with the tinkle of a bell in our ears. The nightly tinkle as he comes to join us in bed, the 4am tinkle as he decides its breakfast, the 6am tinkle when he decides that surely it’s breakfast time now. The random tinkles from outside as he skitters around. And so I guess between that and baby fever I was really bound to come up with these baby rattle balls. They have two big bells in each one, which give them a perfect rattly sound. Hand stitched too. The stitches are visible which gives it that really handcrafted look. You can see that all 30 seams were stitched with love….love stitches indeed. This is why I craft.

Rattle balls



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8 responses to “love stitches indeed

  1. so cute! my cats would love something like this, but i would not love sewing 30 seams by hand, so they will be stuck with milk carton rings for now 🙂

  2. my3boysandi

    oh LS they are so lovely

  3. Beautifull! Nice colours.

  4. aww, so cute. They’re like happy little soccer balls.

    I think that much jingling would drive me crazy though!

  5. These are lovely. I made one many, many moons ago, and man it took a long time to make!

  6. These are exquisite, i love them!!

  7. I think I’d have run out of love by the 10th seam… They are really, really cute!

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