Swamped and erratic

My blogging has been rather pathetic of late. I am completely swamped and am really behind on everything. I have 3 meme’s that I have been tagged for and will eventually do. One of them calls for you to flip to page 123 of the book you are reading. So I flipped and it only had 120 pages. But as usual I am reading a book that I abandoned another book to read and have also partly abandoned this one to read something else. One of them is bound to have a page 123 in it.

The frantic craft fair prep has reminded me what made me decide not to do the last one. My mind is completely flooded with ideas. I have only got 2 more things that I have to make and 3 more things that I want to make for it and yet my mind is constantly turning over new possibilities. Is that enough/too much? What sort of table cover do I want? Do I want one? Is that made out of the right fabric? Is the price right? Which is all fine until it’s 2am and I really become a little desperate to get some sleep. I am having serious trouble waking up before noon because I can’t get to sleep until 3am. And lying in bed next to a snorer (much loved but a snorer is a snorer) for 3 or 4 hours thinkingamileaminute and staring at nothing is poke-your eyes-out, stick-your-pillow-on-his-face BORING. Even if I finish my stock this week the fair isn’t until July 19th. I’m going to be an utter mess by then!! For anyone coming to Craft 2.0 I’ll be the one with bags under my eyes muttering to myself. Come say hi!

On to other news. I talked to my visiting teacher and have said I will not be doing childcare for the company until we adopt. Until then I need a regular, steady job with reliable money. The bills need to be up to date and we need to have the money for baby gear and the legal fees at any time once we get into the waiting pool. So job hunting is on. Ugh. Ugh.

But it means I can sell all the kid stuff. It’s been listed online and is getting heaps of views so fingers crossed I get some money from it all. The one thing I can’t part from is the dolls cradle. Remember this revolting thing?

Dolls cradle - before

The mattress made me shudder and it was missing 3 bars. I made it a new mattress, a dolls quilt (so much for “I will never make a quilt!”), replaced the bars and gave it a new coat of paint and sealer. And now it’s one of those things that has become far too valuable to me to want to part with, especially when I am actively pursuing having my own child. So here is my masterpiece:

Finished dolls cradle

I’m hoping to make a fabric doll to go with it later in the year too. Because as we all know a childless 29 year old with a dolls cradle in her house is just that little bit less pathetic when she can explain that it’s there for sewing purposes.

Talk about verbal diarrhoea! Final thing, two updates: potential cat sighting on Sunday night, he may still be found yet. And we have an adoption information evening on June 25th. We can get the application pack thre or any time after that. Three weeks away tomorrow, I’m getting really excited about it!

Stay tuned, vintage embroidery give away next time I blog!



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8 responses to “Swamped and erratic

  1. Just love the dolls cradle – and yes a fabric doll would be a wonderful addition to it. Have fun
    Janet McKinney

  2. rhiannon

    I love the dolls cradle, and please do tell what your trademe name is, i’d love to help you get rid of your kiddies stuff : P (any chance that sewing machine is up for grabs??)

  3. Thank you for visiting my blog. Yes it was incredible that 8 of us became Home Ec teachers – she was an outstanding teacher. I am not too sure how many stayed there though – I know I only worked as a teacher for about 5 years – then I looked after babies! The stress in teaching kept me from going back. Teachers NEVER get paid enough – they should be paid double what they get for the importance and the stress of the job.

  4. I don’t know how you plan the craft fair and doubt yourself so much… you make such wonderful things! The cradle came out just perfect!

    Regarding the mile a minute brain… I end up writing down absolutely every single dang frickin’ thing in my head so that I can fall asleep. Mint tea helps me also.

  5. I can sure relate to how you described lying awake thinking into the early hours of the morning…I do that too often, as well as that habit of abandoning one book for another before finishing. The doll cradle and quilt is so pretty.

  6. my3boysandi

    I find reading helps
    and what happens if you gently push the snorer onto his side?

    all the best with the job hunting

    wow!! you did a good job with that dolly cot

    yes please tell us your trademe name

  7. hehehe! I am always stopping books and starting new ones. I need to stop buying books!

  8. The crib is beautiful.

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