Blowing out the cobwebs

From my brain that is. I got sick of waiting for the childcare thing to happen, photographed and packed up all the books and toys ready to sell, moved my bookshelf back into the craft room (again) and was finally able to clear enough space in there to sew. And man, it felt good. It’s been so long since I did any crafting and even longer since I sewed. It really felt good to turn on the heater (it’s been bloody freezing lately and it’s not even fully winter), crank some mp3’s (but quietly cos it was midnight, just loud enough to drown the snores from the next room) and just create something. Now if I could just find the motivation to finish that half embroidered project thats been lying around for 3 weeks nagging at me.

I love linen. I love embroidery, especially redwork. I love bags. I sew. So I thought I would sew a redwork embroidered linen tote bag. And I did.


After the usual hassles – lining fabric that had bled all over itself in the wash (I always prewash now thankfully), no other lining fabric suitable and it was 11pm and I couldn’t possibly go back to bed until I had half made the bag and there was no lining!! Just the usual crafting dramas. But it’s done, I love it and it’s even better cos it’ll take pride of place on my Craft 2.0 stall on July 19th. I’m trying again with the craft fair thing and trying some different stuff. Variety helps I think.

Next on the list is a notebook cover. Or a book cover. Or both. But not a zippy pouch. I can’t find the zip. Not a good look without a zip.

Note to self: don’t write blogs at 2.30am, you’re just being a dick.



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8 responses to “Blowing out the cobwebs

  1. Very cute bag 🙂

  2. my3boysandi

    love the bag

  3. It certainly looks worth all that frusturation! I hope you get oodles of money for it!! 🙂 But, the satisfaction must also be a nice payoff too.

  4. I think this turned out quite nicely! Cobwebs or not!! LOL!!

  5. LOL…No a zippy bag w/o a zipper would just be wrong!

    Love the bag the red linen and redwork are fab-oo-less! I don’t think I could part with it if I were you!

  6. 😀
    Go on, do the 2.30 am blogging! You’re not a dick!

  7. I like your note to self. LOL

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