Thanks and stuff

Thanks to everyone who commenting on my trial by fire. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about this childcare business since then. We’ll see what the future holds but for now I am focussing on me – embroidery and sewing (which would go a lot faster if it wasn’t utterly freezing in my sewing room – might have to move things into the warmth of the living room) and lots of reading of trashy novels. I think I even have a Mills and Boon I got for free tucked away somewhere but I am not that desperate yet. Have you ever seen the new style ones in bookshops lately? They all involve pregnancy – usually some woman having a baby for a rich guy who has got an urge to be a daddy and will pay her the money she so desperately needs to pay her bills/mothers medical expenses/etc but suddenly as he sees her carrying his unborn child he realises he so desperately needs her. I have never read a M&B without laughing my head off or finishing the whole book. Maybe I’ll make it a goal for May, to try read one from cover to cover without laughing myself into a hernia. Do I dare?


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2 responses to “Thanks and stuff

  1. I remember when I worked at Bank of America as a customer service rep., there was this lady named Pam who was addicted to Danielle Steele novels. She would be reading them whenever she wasn’t taking a telephone service call and you could watch her eyes as she devoured every word. It was great pre-Internet entertainment for me since we sat facing each other!

  2. I can’t even watch romantic comedies without being all cynical these days (especially when they ignore immigration issues…). I think my husband drained all romance out of me…

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