And lo, her name was P-Rex

K-Fed would be spitting jealous if he heard my new nickname. P-Rex. I dropped into my brothers work today to kill some time and as it usually does the subject of my shortness came up. It’s guaranteed that he’ll mention either my shortness or fatness once per conversation and today shortness won. Apparently I have short stubby arms, so I mocked a T-Rex’s little arms as I left his shop. Yeah, sometimes I wonder how I ever got a boyfriend too. Anyway he said he’ll call me T-Rex and then not 5 minutes later I got this delightful text message from him:

I’m going to call you p-rex. Cos you have stunted short arms. And a big mouth. And a large tail “for balance”.

Delightful. Truly, he’s a catch with a mouth like that.

In completely unrelated news – and to give my blog some sort of maturity – here’s some prints and greeting cards I got printed today. The back left greeting card is waiting on Daves desk with a kissy kissy message in it and the two front left prints are destined for my shop in the next day or so.

Greeting cards and prints



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8 responses to “And lo, her name was P-Rex

  1. Where did you get them done? I’m looking at printing options for some cards I want to make for my exhibition at the end of the year…

  2. What would we do without our brothers???? LOL

  3. those cards are adorable!

  4. Bex

    I don’t condone violence but…go kick ya brother.
    Love the cards, gorgeous pics! Xxx

  5. love the cards! i like the portrait of the two next to each other!!!!

  6. *swoon* gorgeous cards!

    Brothers…gotta love ’em, right?! 🙂

  7. eva

    these cards are super cute! They`ll sell good, I`m sure!

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