Mosaic Monday

Thanks to everyone who commented on my last post. I got a call today from my visiting teacher to say that the next potential placement has fallen through, the child is overseas right now. It’s a messy situation and not very inspiring. In an attempt to find my crafting mojo (I’m a little worried it’s frozen to death in this first blast of winter) I’m sketching some embroidery patterns. My sketching is not very inspiring so here’s some things that have caught my eye lately on flickr.

Mosaic Monday - what tickles my fancy today

1. embroidered button swap – bunnies, 2. umbrella, 3. bunny with toy train, 4. au jardin embroidery, 5. Someone is in my spot, 6. sweetest sleep, 7. Archie + Mabel’s B’day stitch, 8. gift tags, 9. Cadfael’s treat, 10. Flowers, 11. her face, 12. My model :o), 13. Untitled, 14. E Under The Tree, 15. For Flickr Group Roulette and Environmentally Friendly, 16. “Restaurant in the Latin Quarter”


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2 responses to “Mosaic Monday

  1. renaissancemama

    Cute pictures- I’m inspired!

  2. seeing picture #6 *almost* makes me want to have a kid so that I can take that photo with our kitties!

    Great photo inspiration here!

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