Acorn Fairy

I start working at home tomorrow with that 11 month old boy I mentioned. He’s never been apart from his parents before, so I suspect by the end of day 1 I am going to be an exhausted mess. This may be the last craft project I have the energy to complete for a while. 7.30am-5pm, this’ll be interesting.

Acorn Fairy



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2 responses to “Acorn Fairy

  1. my3boysandi

    CONGRATULATIONS on getting the job
    I know this is what you really want to do

    I remember in one of my early childhood placements when i was learning to be a preschool teacher there was a little boy whom had never been away from his mother before he cried lots. The staff though the tough it out approach would work. As I was there for a month I nurtured him after a while he became much better. I believe these little ones need lots of love and nurturing.

    All the best

  2. Will be sending lots of positive thoughts your way tomorrow! Hope you have a ball with the little fella.
    The little acorn fairy work is beautiful.

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