A Moment

A moment to myself, a moment to breath and regroup. My home based childcare course ended on Friday (amazing how 10 sessions over 3 weeks began to feel like an eternity) and we go back on May 1st for a morning tea ceremony to get our certificates. We slogged our way through a 6 hour first aid course on Saturday (Saturday hmmmpppfff!!) and now I have a moment to myself. Sunday was spent reviving after 3 weeks of homework and list making, tomorrow and Wednesday I have parents coming in the mornings to interview with about childcare and if tomorrows one goes well I would be starting next Monday. So today is my day. I have peace (if you don’t count a needy cat who I am not going near right now cos he has grass sticking out his bum and it’s giving me the giggles), a house to myself and an urge to poke my fingers with a needle for a couple of hours and call it crafting.

In lieu of any photos right now here’s a mosaic of my current flickr craft faves:
Crafty inspiration

P.S. we got another cat sighting and this one sounds optimistic. Fingers crossed!



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3 responses to “A Moment

  1. my3boysandi

    enjoy the day and I pray you get some children to look after real soon

  2. greensparrowknits

    Congratulations! All those courses are a drag, but now you get to hang out with kids (better than adults in my opinion). I hope they’re all well behaved. 🙂

  3. I hope the cat sightings lead to something.

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