Dreams coming true

My dream of working at home with kids is coming closer to fruition. I suspect I won’t know whats hit me when it does happen but I’m doing what I can to prepare. I am doing a 3 week training course at the moment and between that, being sick 4 times in 3 weeks with totally different germs each time and trying to find time to do the odd day of paying work I am running flat out and looking forward to doing diddly-squat this weekend. Nothing, not a sausage.

I’ve been preparing a kids area in the living room with toys which I will show next time. But one thing I found I am having trouble putting in the kids area, I much prefer it in my studio:


I suspect it’ll become a kids toy soon though, the living room will be kid central, our bedroom will be the kids sleeping room and that means I’ll have to clear part of the studio for the cat to take refuge in! Poor fella!

One thing I probably won’t do this weekend is sew, however I can’t say I don’t have inspiration after the swaps I received this week! I asked Mette ages ago to do a private swap and we finally got around to it and she sent me this parcel of gorgeousness:
Swap from Erleperle

Then I drooled over a fabric FallingUtopia used from Ikea which we don’t have here (and won’t be getting because some smartass thinks that they are so popular that it’ll cause traffic problems. Traffic problems?? Who cares? I want me some Ikea!!) and when she offered to send some to me I suggested a swap. She not only sent me the one fabric, she sent another one and some patterns. Spoilt rotten!! And it feels good!!
Swap received from FallingUtopia



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6 responses to “Dreams coming true

  1. those look like great swap packages! I love the matryoshka fabric…red and white always looks so fab together!

    And that wooden sewing machine is absolutely darling!

  2. jen

    would you like some more toys?
    I LOVE that sewing machine

  3. OMG! I am the one drooling here! All those gorgeous reds! And that IKEA animal print! *swoon* Another reason for me to wish there were an Ikea nearby. I’m visiting my sister in Poland this summer and I’m almost as excited at the prospect of digging through the fabrics at her Ikea than I am at seeing her! Shhh! Don’t tell her.

  4. Oooh, LOVE the wooden sewing machine!
    And the swap packages, hooray!!!

  5. Ooohh…you got a great package. I love the wooden sewing machine.

  6. Oh wow, look at all those goodies! Lucky you:)

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