Crazy old cat lady practise session

I’ve been back working for 3 weeks and in that time have had the flu and a tummy bug. Plus I am really hating the job. I love working with kids but some of the centres they send me to are too small, understaffed, or full of brats (doctors kids are little shits, trust me on that). Fingers crossed I hear good news this week about working at home with a maximum of 4 kids, that’s a lot more my style. Until then I’m going to start taking small embroidery projects to work to occupy my lunch breaks. In some places their idea of a staff room is two chairs in the corner of the office, it’s pretty depressing. So it’s time to test my embroidery travel bag.

Autumn flowers

I’ve recharged my batteries this weekend though, I finally had time to stop and smell the flowers. The pressing project for the weekend was a cat harness. It’s been 9 days since we got Rastus back and he’s desperate to go outside. He’s punishing us every day we keep him in by producing a toxic ‘Code Seriously Stinky Brown – action stations people!! This is NOT a drill!!’ that has us literally running for the safety of an open door or window so we need to get him back to being an outdoor cat for our health. And yes, I’m sorry that was too much information.

Walking the cat

Enter The Harness. I sewed some webbing into a harness shape, attached a buckle and strap and we led him outside. He lay down and played dead at first until he realised he could go outside wearing it. We’ll take him out each evening for the next week or so then see what happens next. Please let it be the end of the Code Stinky Browns!! AND the sulking in my workbasket.

Punishing me for keeping him inside



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10 responses to “Crazy old cat lady practise session

  1. my3boysandi

    I like the cat harness and Im praying you hear about the job which will suit you better

  2. Loved the harness idea, brilliant, hope it works for your nose sake!!
    Im glad you stop at my blog, because I loved your blog and your shop. I’ll be around reading you.

    Blessings !!

  3. oh man! Our cats would never go for a harness like that. We always joke that if we ever tried to take them for a walk, they would definitely be rolling their eyes and saying “this is so lame”

  4. Kittah on a leash! So cute!!!!!

  5. cat on a leash…? love it.

  6. Rastus is looking good on that leash! I hope he has the good sense to stay home from now on! We tried a harness out with my cat and he turned into some sort of gravity-defying-ball-of-rage. It was a no-go at our house…

  7. That harness is inspired! I wonder if mine would tolerate it. After all, they’re always trying to get out …

  8. Bex

    Hahahaha! He is totally sulking!
    Glad you are feeling better…Xxx

  9. one good apple

    LOVE the cat harness! We have one for the rabbit to take him outside but the second he hits fresh, outside air he hops up onto my knee and refuses to move. He is such a girl. Glad to see one of the cats is back safe and sound x

  10. Oh too cute – love the harness and his ‘stance’ – he looks ready to pounce! Good to hear you got to smell the flowers 😉

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