A tummy treat

How much do we love SouleMama? A WHOle lot!! WHO as is WHO Bread that is. I made some this evening finally and my goodness, my love of homemade bread was born tonight!! I made some white bread a long time ago, probably from a generic internet recipe. It was rather traumatic (disgusting) and I lost the urge to do that again in a hurry. But after seeing the WHO bread Iknew I had to try it. It smells and tastes rather like hot cross buns too and since tomorrow is the start of Easter I timed it right.

WHO Bread

Alterations to the recipe:

  • I had no cinnamon, the supermarket had no cinnamon so I had to buy cinnamon sugar (the stuff on donuts) which is only 7% cinnamon. I used 1.5 tsp of that rather than 1tsp of plain cinnamon. It was a good substitute but I *need* to make it again with real cinnamon. To compare obviously.
  • Also, and rather annoyingly, my oven in the new house has no numbers on any of the oven dials. I have no clue what is what on them. I rang my sister and asked her to check the stove and tell me what number position on a clock 180 degrees celsius (350F) translated to on the dial(answer: nearly 7). So as long as recipes only ask me to cook at 180 degrees I’m fine.


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3 responses to “A tummy treat

  1. my3boysandi

    yum 🙂

  2. Bex

    You are sounding a lot more chiper.
    Good to hear. Xxx

  3. This bread looks sooo good. I’ve bookmarked the recipe for the “acoustic” version!

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