Hiatus interruptus

Shhh, I’m not really here. I just thought that since I have been SOOO busy on my blog break (and having way too much fun) I would pop in and share some of it with you in pic form:

– Made a mama bird for the baby birds:
Mama bird and her babies

– Today I did TWO projects. First I made bunting – my first row of it and my first time using bias binding. It looks so great hanging over the doorway.

– Then I made a patchwork doll’s quilt….well the top anyway. I will probably just quilt it with a layer of flannel, not sure yet. It was my first try at quilting/patchwork and I’m sure I did it the hard way cos…well, it was hard duh! But I am proud of it.
Patchwork doll's quilt top

– My lemon tree has sprouted lemons! Some of the blossoms have fallen off and tiny little baby lemon buds have appeared. I have never ever not killed a plant before. Ever. Can’t stress that enough, this is such a big deal for me. Next goal is to keep two plants at once alive and growing. Or is that getting cocky?

– A photo of my eyes, heavily tweaked in Picasa, just wanted to share it because I like how well it came out. Although I really must get my eyebrows waxed soon!

That’s all for now, back to my blog break!



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9 responses to “Hiatus interruptus

  1. my3boysandi

    I LOVE your craftiness
    such nice materials

    yum lemons

    nice photo of you

    have a nice break

  2. you have been busy! That bunting is darling and way to go, putting that craft book to use!

  3. Oh! Yay! You’re back (kinda). Loving the mama bird and the bunting.

  4. So glad you’re back! Wonderful sharp corners on the doll quilt. Mine always come out crooked or wonky. Lovely work!

  5. Love the bunting. When in the sign business we used to call that pendants. I love that triangle shape. I have a friend that is doing bunting/ pendants also, but hers are crochet.

  6. Your wee birds are just lovely! I made a nest last year that is all ready for some birds to move in, but every time I try and figure out a pattern and sew some up things go horribly wrong!

  7. sorry — but the pic of your eyes caught all my attention ! wow wow wow !
    why not as a banner ?! 🙂

  8. Buting…Cute. Doll quilt…Cute. Mama & babies…Cuter Still. Yay for lemons! Lovely eyes you have there!

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