Time Out

It’s time for me to take a break from things around here. I’ve begun a new and demanding job, doing relief childcare in daycare centres which is taking a LOT of energy this week. Between work, the cats breaking my heart, not to mention following up sightings here, there and everywhere I just have no heart for much else.

Also in a moment of stressed out lapse in memory I made a lapse in judgement and copied someone elses work much too closely for which Lauri, I can only apologise. I’ve been accused of not belonging in the arts and crafts community and perhaps I don’t, certainly not right now.

My heart is not in life right now, that’s all I can say.


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12 responses to “Time Out

  1. catowner

    i wouldnt worry too much about the teddy thing- you made a mistake- and had the guts to own up to it. which i think is more than most would do.
    move on i say!
    hope those puss cats find their way home soon.

  2. Poor you! You’ve been sounding distressed for so long and my heart goes out to you, especially as our Marley is the absolute image of your tabby (apart from the white paws).
    I hope things works out and you can begin to enjoy your new house.

  3. catowner

    further more, after sleeping on it and obsessing about the meanness of some people, (there are ways to say these things gently!) i challenge those who were so forth coming in their criticism of you to take a long HARD look at their own craft practice and be honest with them selves about what is truly an origional idea and what is perhaps borrowed from here or there. I can see you crossed the line, in this instance, but stand firmly by my opinion that being open and honest AND referencing the origin in your post was a brave thing to do. The very nature of modern craft, these craft blogs, books like Amy Karol’s ‘bend the rules sewing’ and her flickr photo group seem to me to promote an openess and sharing of ideas. so again, my challenge- maybe we all need to have a look at what we do- i like to think what i do is original, but im aware that i borrow elements from time to time.

  4. I hope your feeling better soon…dont worry, like catowner said….I myself have had numerous ideas taken directly and copied, but we all have to be inspired somewhere! In my opinion if someone steals my idea that i have publicly posted on the internet for the world to see… well thats my problem. Why hoard great ideas? Share them!

  5. I hope things turn around soon for you and that you’re feeling better! I think most of us who dabble in crafting draw inspiration from other crafters and their projects …especially when there is so much out there to be inspired by right now. We can’t all have completely original ideas all the time. That’s we we have stacks and stacks of craft books, not to mention dozens of sites bookmarked! Everybody goofs up from time to time so don’t you dare drop out on us! You so deserve to be here and I for one, enjoy what you bring to the crafts community!

  6. I’ll miss you while you’re gone! I hope things look brighter for you soon.

  7. eva

    You are doing great by deciding what`s priority. Do what you feel, is right! And don`t worry, your blog will wait for you and so do I.
    And I believe, you do belong to crafts – people.

  8. Poor you! You are crafty and do belong, don’t think like that. But it’s always good to take a break, especially when you’ve got lots on your mind.
    Email me your phone number at podbobbins@gmail.com if you ever want me to give you a call and have a “real” chat.

    ps. still praying for your cats.

  9. The internet is here for all of us to share ideas and be inspired. You’re not the first person to make a stuffie out of an embroidery pattern and you certainly won’t be the last. Don’t take it personally and strive to work and make things that you love.

    Hope your kitties return soon and best of luck on your little hiatus. I look forward to seeing you and your new creations whenever you return! 🙂

  10. Aw, I’m so sorry about all that’s going on right now. I hope that your time out gives you the break and refreshment that you need.

  11. Bex

    Hmmmmmmmm, it’s a bought pattern right?
    Yes? Nuff said…Xxx

  12. Dawn (wolfmom2ac)

    Hey darling!
    Sorry about getting in late on this little problem. Don’t worry about a thing! I am sure that she got her idea of sorts from someone else! It’s all done and over with and don’t worry about it! Life is way to short to stress about these things!! Keep smiling!!

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