Cat update

Cat sightings!! Dave took a pile of posters and went door to door today until they ran out. We thought Ginga was almost certainly heading for the old house and that Rastus was most likely stuck in a garage. Rastus is not the type to leave the comforts of home willingly. But if these sightings are to be believed the little so and so’s may still be in the area!

Ginga – mixed reports on him. He’s the ginger one who vanished first, on Feb 10th. He may actually still be in the nearby area fighting for territory. Or he may be heading for the old house like I first thought. A few possible sightings, all contradictory or highly unreliable. One in our old suburb of a ‘worse for wear looking ginger cat’ and a few local sightings. My first thought was he hated it so much here that he must have headed to out old home. Now, it’s looking vaguely possible he is around here, fighting over territory. He was always the brains of the pair and I really miss his antics.

Rastus – the fat dumb one who went missing on the 23rd. I always considered him more ‘mine’ and miss him terribly. We have only had one highly unlikely lead on him until today. We were most worried he was in a garage, stuck. The scenes running through my head were heartbreaking. He went out very late on the 23rd though so it was always unlikely to me that he was shut in anywhere. What we were told today is that there were several ‘definite’ sightings of him in a small street over the road from us earlier in the past week. This is obviously very good news. Assuming it is him (people mean well but a tabby is not exactly unique) that would mean he isn’t trapped somewhere, he’s in an area where theres plenty of food and shelter from the rain and he is most likely fighting for territory. That bit worries me, he’s a lover an eater, not a fighter. But it’s the first word we have had on him since he vanished. Hope. It’s all we have right now. We’re going out either tonight or tomorrow night for a search. What we really need is a third weekend day so we can take posters down to the houses on those back streets.

So for those who have asked to be kept informed now you know what I know – a bunch of possible sightings that don’t help much and yet also help a lot. I am so incredibly relieved to think that it’s now much more likely Rastus is not shut in a garage starving and alone and that maybe those unlikely sightings of Ginga possibly could be him. Thank you so much to the people who have left kind comments about our boys, we miss them so desperately. We always said we hated the 6am claw swipe to the face and the 11pm pre-sleep kneading of all visible skin but oh, we miss it now it’s gone.

Please keep my little guys in your thoughts and prayers. We want them back home with us where they belong.



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4 responses to “Cat update

  1. my3boysandi

    are you child minding yet?
    and if so how old are the children?

  2. That sounds hopeful.

    And speaking of sounds – are your cats as pavlovian about the sound of a shaking Whiskettes box as mine is? If so it may be worth stalking the back streets calling and shaking….

  3. Bex

    Awwwwwwww, they’ll be back. I know they will…Xxx

  4. It breaks my heart that they’re still not back home… but i still hope they will. I do sympathize, I have always had a cat (s) family… My ginger boy is back (he was back the day after we last exchanged emails) but another of our cats is sick with a nasty cold…
    as for the most recent post, i can feel how drained you are… i’m sorry and hopefully the break won’t last too long and you’ll be back soon in the blogland with more energy… i’m just back from 2 weeks off, see !

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