Stitchy links

I thought I would share my embroidery resources. Now most embroiders will probably have most of these but perhaps someone will find a new link to explore or someone will share one they love. Share the linky love and inspiration!

Hope that you find some new stuff, or rediscover some old stuff in that lot. There’s a ton of other links out there of course but half the fun is searching them out!



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6 responses to “Stitchy links

  1. hi there,
    great embroidery links! i have to check those out. hey, i have some embroidery threads i want to send you, would you mind emailing me your new address? thanks, melissa

  2. great links! I’m familiar with some, but not all, of these.

  3. Thanks for the great links, very inspiring.

  4. littlegemsession

    Hey thanks! Love the links.

  5. Thanking! Some I didn’t have too 🙂

  6. thanks ! I use flickr or google pix as a stitch patterns too. just got some aunt martha’s the other day…

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