Cat swinging

So apparently this neighbourhood is into some sort of weird cat swinging. At least, thats how we’re feeling. We’ve lost both our little guys but last night this little girl kitty showed up at our door. She’s only a kitten but already knows that meowing incessantly gets you what you want. We shut the back door to keep her out (being midnight and all) and went to bed where we listened to her cries continuing until one of us weakened (guess which one of us was the weak one?)and got up to give her just ‘a few cat biscuits to shut her up’. Got up and discovered she had run around to the front door! Not smart enough to notice the back door has a cat flap but smart enough to know to try the other door! And yes, I know I shouldn’t have fed her (twice) or given her milk for that matter but she sweet talked me into it!!

So tonight when Dave goes door to door asking “hey, have you seen either of our two cats?” He’s also going to ask, “Hey also, did you lose this cat?” Sheeeessshhhh. It’s getting ridiculous!

A feline visitor


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8 responses to “Cat swinging

  1. jen

    shes lovely
    hope you find her home or keep her

  2. That kitty’s name is Karma! She’s very sweet, I hope someone is not missing her as much as you miss your boys.

  3. She’s very sweet looking.
    I’ve been keeping you in my thoughts I hope your two other darlings turn up soon!

  4. I hope your kitties find their way home soon. I can only imagine how sick with worry I’d be if my two went missing. The new little one is a sweetie. I hope you find her home, or I think you’re going to become a household of three cats once your other two return!

  5. oh no I really hope your cats come soon but she looks like cute company till then!


  6. I don’t blame you…I would have caved and gave her biscuits and milk too! Such a sweet face.

  7. what is meant to be will be…
    thinking about you. XO

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