Viva la dreams!

It’s been stinking hot here and of course in my world that must mean it’s time for hard physical labour that makes my knees tremble and my heart flutter – in fact yesterday it was pumping so hard my pulse was in my throat. I swear I am almost looking svelte and lithe. I feel old though – yesterday I had to sit down twice on the way up the hill and FYI – NEVER drink a smoothie before climbing a hill you’ve named The Hill Of Doom. It doesn’t feel nice.

In between moving the furniture a friend gave us I have been getting my craft on after several weeks of no crafting. I finished my teddy bear embroidered doll, am uber-pleased with it and it is listed in the shop as a Little Love – a range of toys for little hands.
Little Loves teddy bear embroidery

Also listed in the shop is this ring, made by a friend Stephen Anderson, an extremely talented artist. And I mean talented – I am green with envy. It’s not just jewellery either, he has made some breathtaking pottery, he draws, he has published a book of his poetry. You name it, he’s good at it. This ring is freaking amazing!
Snarling leopard ring

Amazing right? It’s absolutely inspired me and I am definitely going to (finally) get off my butt and take a jewelery making course this year. Viva la dreams!


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5 responses to “Viva la dreams!

  1. Yes, Amazing! I love the ring! And your Teddy…very cuddly! I’ve been in a bit of a craft slump lately too, I’ve got projects going, but not terribly motivated to finish them…although I do plan to give it a go this weekend.

  2. Cute teddy. Thank you for the embroidery advice. I need to look for one of those double-ended pens!

  3. Love the teddy! OK, I know it was a just a little typo but I love that you said, “I am definitely going to (finally) get out my butt”. Mine always seems to be out – he he!

  4. The little toys are adorable! yay!

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