Testing testing 1…2…3

Just testing to see if I can successfully embed a youtube video in my blog.

It would appear so. Yay!! The song is Boy With A Coin by Iron and Wine aka My new favourite band. I discovered them on TV last night and was mesmerised by this song. AND by some miracle they are coming to New Zealand next month! Here’s hoping I can come up with the rather large amount of money for 2 tickets!



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3 responses to “Testing testing 1…2…3

  1. The only song of theirs I know is Such Great Heights, which is on the Garden State soundtrack. I think it’s a cover, but a wonderful song…
    Thanks for the link. Am off to watch that video now.

  2. I’d never heard of this band…but I like the song. Nice video, too.

  3. yay! I’ve got a few songs by them on my iTunes. Hope you get to see ’em. I’m rather excited that Modest Mouse are touring here soon.

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