New beginnings + old habits

A new beginning of an old habit: embroidery. My love of crafts disappeared around Christmas, I don’t think I was the only one who got crafted out for a while. Finally it’s back and I’m dipping my toes in the crafting pool once more. Ahhhh.
Stitchy bug is back!

New beginning: a newly worded poster for an expanded search for the cat. We’re fairly sure (bearing in mind nobody can ever be 100% sure with kittahs) that he’s heading back to the old house. So we’re targeting the street we lived on and surrounding areas. And the church office that didn’t open your door to us with our lost cat poster? Shame on you. The supermarket that wouldn’t let us display a poster of our poor wittle lost kitty? Lost 2 customers and going to get a sternly worded letter of complaint about heartlessness and stupid noticeboard policies.
Ginga's still lost

New beginning: I could dance with joy/shock: my lemon tree is blooming! One of the buds has bloomed and the other buds are growing by the day. I have never had a plant not die. They all follow a pattern: drop leaves no matter what I try to do and develop the Steph Lean which is when they lean alarmingly to one side, develop a large bald patch and die. This one doesn’t seem to know it’s supposed to die!! Soon, I may have lemons! Homemade lemonade mmmm.

Old habits: a large cable has appeared in my house, strung around the edge of the kitchen, across the hallway and into the computer ‘suite’ (as he calls it). Hmmm, wonder how that got there….I had 11 days cable free, guess that was enough.



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8 responses to “New beginnings + old habits

  1. yay! glad to see that you’re back and embroidering…your stitches are so even and perfect!

    The computer cord of death…been there, done that. Now I’m very lucky that Jon is sticking to his confined space and out of our normal living area…can’t stand the cords!

    I hope your new signs and new efforts are a help in the search!

  2. I agree your embroidery looks great. Am sending good vibes your way that you find your kitty soon.

  3. Wow, how do you get your stitches so even?

  4. I hope you find your kitty! I don’t know what I would do if my kitty wandered away.

    Your lemon tree is amazing! I just ordered and dwarf orange tree and can’t wait to get it. The fragrance is amazing.

  5. eva

    I have never seen lemon tree blossoms ! They look lovely. 🙂
    I`m glad to hear , you are enthusiastic about crafting again:)

  6. I can’t believe the church office wouldn’t let you have this poster displayed. shame+++. thinking about you & fingers crossed.
    I can only agree that these stitches are so perfect… and the flower so beautiful

  7. I hope that you find your kitty. That is so sad.

  8. Your embroidery is just pristine! Lovely! 🙂

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