We’ve had a few calls today about possible sightings of Ginga. We’ve followed them all up and it appears more likely that we have just moved into a neighbourhood with a freakishly high number of ginger cats. But it gives me hope that several people would take the time and in 2 cases the expense of calling me about my cat. One woman says the poster is stuck on her fridge door which was really sweet to hear. We delivered more posters today and we’ll find the little shit, wherever he is. Eventually.

We went to a poetry book launch last night and it was a fun night. We were 90 minutes late due to a huuge water spout that formed off the coast and firstly traffic slowed for people to pull over and take photos. I took mine from a moving car in an attempt to get there only vaguely late. And then the spout came ashore and dumped the water in a huge downpour of rain and hail freaking people out and many people pulled over because they couldn’t see a thing. All while it was still sunny too. Very wierd stuff.
Water spout



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8 responses to “Hope?

  1. my3boysandi

    did you take this photo?
    its very good
    this is a story I saw about it

  2. twolimeleaves

    I’ve been thinking about you and your Ginga. I hope you find him soon.
    That water spout is very very cool!

  3. Hay

    Great shot of the waterspout :o)

  4. Hay

    Sorry, my old address was logged in…opps!

  5. That’s amazing! So is the ease in which you accept it… must be normal over there wherever you are.

    Good luck with the cat.

  6. That’s a fantastic photo!

  7. bec

    have you tried putting up posters of where you used to live? We found a cat in our yard once that had walked about 6 suburbs back to it’s old street – it was only a coupl3 of doors down from where is used to live.

  8. Fantastic shot of the water spout – what an amazing phenomena.

    Fingers crossed for Ginga. xo

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