Achy breaky heart

Ginga is still missing. We have put fliers in letterboxes and rung local vets to register him as lost and put an ad online. We’ve walked and driven around a rabbit warren of streets calling for him and no sign. Dave is worried sick, he can’t eat a thing. Our other cat Rastus is totally lost without his brother. I’m so worried that Ginga might have tried to ‘go bush’ trying to find his way back to the old house. It could take months, if he manages it at all. He’s only a little guy. (I can just feel my heart breaking while I write this) A part of our lives is missing with him.



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7 responses to “Achy breaky heart

  1. I’m so sorry to hear about Ginga. My thoughts are with you guys and I hope he returns home very soon.

  2. I am sorry to hear about your missing cat. Somebody once told me to put out an item of clothing of yours and the cat could use his sense of smell to find its way home. I don’t know if it works, but it couldn’t hurt.

  3. oh no …
    yes – make sure you check your previous neighborhood. They say dogs miss their family, but cats get homesick…
    I feel heartbroken knowing how much you miss him. If I were closer i’d come to help & ask people.
    please let us know.

  4. Aww honey, that’s awful. I’m praying for his quick return! Maybe do a doorknock today too, people can sometimes have a lost cat but not have noticed the flyer in with their newspapers and stuff.

  5. I’m so so very sorry to hear that Ginga went missing. I’m sending thoughts/prayers in your direction for a safe return.

  6. I hope he comes home soon!

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