Chicken time

I got some vintage transfers in the mail today, the result of a little foray into buying online rather than selling for once. Dangerous territory but when this is what the mailbox offers up who can blame me?

The chicken one is by…who knows and the other one (in two parts) is from Bestway who I have never heard of so I assume it’s safe to share them.


Top half:
animals 2

Bottom half:
animals 1



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8 responses to “Chicken time

  1. Beautiful. They would look wonderful embroidered. It reminds me, I have a book full of vintage transfers – came from my Grandma, and I couldn’t bear the idea of throwing them out. They have travelled with me for a number of years, all laid flat between a couple of pieces of 12×12 scrapbooking card.
    Hmmm I wonder if they should come out and be used?
    Janet McK

  2. Smoking and drinking roosters. Perfect!

    Can you email me your address? I picked up something yesterday I thought you might like…

  3. Ooooh, in the back of your mind did you think “Wait until Drewzel sees these?!!!” (yeah, like you really think about me ahaha.)
    LOVE!!!! I think a row of chickens is in order for the border of a teatowel. Redwork i think.
    Ta for sharing!!!

  4. Oh, I notice a “ghosting” on the chickens telling us to use Anchor embroidery threads…my guess is that it was a magazine freebie, English. I’ll see which ones of my transfers recommend Anchor…

  5. That chicken with the accordian is my favourite! So perfect!

  6. Fantastic patterns! I love them.

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