Brace yourselves for a plethora of blurry photos

Yes, it’s the big house reveal!! And my camera decided the mid afternoon light was not conducive to behaving so these photos are the best I can do for now. But after the horrors of trying to get two of the most pathetic sulking felines to get out of my bed during the day(not happening so far) and to get into bed and shut the **** up at 12.30am, 1am, 2am – when I yelled at Dave to wake up for once and join me in my misery, 3am, 3.15am photos are a good sign. I’m surprised I’m not hiding under the duvet with the cats with big watery sad eyes right now. Moving is… a little bit challenging.

This is what we left, full of boxes. In there somewhere is two couches, a TV, coffee table and a desk. I think you can see one of the couches and a bit of TV.
Old lounge

This is what we have now. We can’t really afford it but you will be able to see why we took it.
Living room:

Kitchen (DISHWASHER!!!):

Deck of glory: (notice the lack of redneck chairs and various man trash that Dave likes. I don’t know how long I can hold that stuff at bay though. My powers are only so strong.)
Deck of glory

Half of Dave’s computer room – this stuff used to be in my old kitchen and this isn’t even showing the 3 or 4 PC’s on the other side of the room:
Computer room

Cat sulking headquarters: We are granted permission to put our bed in this room but only so they can hide in it (the resulting fleas are a kind gift from them) or under it. They leave the bed at night to cry from various parts of the house.
Cat hibernating headquarters

Rastus is the brave one and has started exploring during the day and has even been allowed escorted trips onto the deck. He pops his head up to look out each window at the big new views outside, his neck craning and his tail flicking madly like a dogs.
Peeking out

Poor Ginga is still terrified, and spends all day hiding and the nights (until 3am when we are allowed to sleep) meowing incessantly. They are barely eating, despite food bowls in THREE rooms. And their bladders must be the size of small cars. I have only ever moved house with a cat once before and he was so laid back he was allowed outside in record time. These two may be pried out of the bed eventually but not for a good year or two.

Oh yes, the new thrift stores. The thrift store rating system is awarded like this:
1 – this means good range and good prices. The Mary Potter Hospice store I left behind is a 1.
2 – this is more expensive but there is still good stuff to be found. The Vinnies in my new suburb has turned out to be a 2. Pricey but has some good finds. An occasional visit here only, not like my frequent MPH visits.
3 – Expensive but occasionally has a good item. The Salvation Army stores are all 3’s. We don’t like 3’s and only visit them once every 6 months on a whim.
4 – crap stuff, crap prices. I’ve never found a 4 thank God.

This is what I found today: vintage embroidery transfers, vintage woven ribbons, a single duvet to make into smocks, a knitting pattern (a photocopy sadly but a good one at least) and a Pinocchio drawing. Until I have an income of my own the thrifting will probably stop for a few weeks but this haul was of such good quality that I have enough to keep me happy for now.
New thrift store haul

Oh and the sewing studio will be ‘revealed’ (sounds almost as posh as ‘sewing studio’) in the next couple of days when it’s all in place.


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5 responses to “Brace yourselves for a plethora of blurry photos

  1. jen

    oh I can see why you had to have this house
    its beautiful and BIG 🙂

  2. twolimeleaves

    Congratulations! You are going to LOVE all that space (and , I hate to tell you this but, you’ll probably fill it up REALLY fast!!)

  3. Isn’t it amazing when you move your into a bigger house? You wonder how in the world you fit it all your stuff into the smaller space!

    We moved about a year and a half ago. We had three cats at the time(up to 4 now). It took two of two maybe three weeks to get comfortable. The other (incredibly high strung anyway) it just now getting used to the new house and coming out from under the bed more. But, she basically lived under the bed in the old house too. Hopefully your two will come around quickly!

  4. Yay a dishwasher! *happy dance*
    Can’t wait to see it all set up and unpacked. Spewin’ I don’t live nearby, I’d come and help. I’m one of the few people who “likes” moving.

    oh, love that expression “Man trash”! My house is the HQ of man trash I think. I should go take some pics and email you ’em. hahahah!

  5. I can relate! I’ve moved 4 times since 2002 and I’m not doing it again!!! Enjoy the dishwasher too. I can’t believe how much I’m enjoying mine.

    Have fun with your house. 🙂

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