Exhausted but still alive

If you’re inclined to fight with your partner NEVER EVER EVER move house with them, just them and only them on only half as much sleep as you need to cope with stressful situations. Moving a house between just you two and a big moving van will not be fun…not that it is if you’re happy together but it will be even less fun than that. A queen size bed, two couches, two desks, a huge TV and huge TV stand, one million boxes, assorted ‘stuff’ and two petrified cats. It took 3 van trips, one car trip and eight hours of my life I will never forget. Certainly not until the pain in my…everything stops.

But we’re here, it’s HUGE and lovely, we had lunch out on the deck in new deck chairs my mum bought us. It was so peaceful and blazing sunshine, just a perfect public holiday day. The only issue is the cats. They’re mostly still petrified. They haven’t eaten since yesterday morning and normally they climb over each other to be the first to the bowls. I finally managed to get them to eat a few treats each fed to them under the duvet, onto our sheets. The one with the small bladder finally peed too which is one worry gone, especially since they are hiding under the duvet on my side of the bed! He got hit by a car about 15 months ago and has a tiny bladder now so to hold on that long must have been a mammoth task. The other one won’t pee but he has explored the house a few times, crouching low as if he was stalking prey on the Serengeti.

I’ll have to post a few photos in my next blog, once I find the camera cord (and have the energy to concentrate) of the amazingness that we now rent. I especially want to show the view. I didn’t remember hving one until we actually moved in. Last night the view of the hills from the front rooms looked like a carpet of lights twinkling. But first I have to get the other cat to try go in the litter tray. Ahhh fun times.



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4 responses to “Exhausted but still alive

  1. my3boysandi

    cant wait to see your photos
    and pleased its done and now you can begin to enjoy it

  2. glad to hear you didn’t kill each other!

    I hate moving and next time we move, we will be paying people to do it for us. It’s just not worth the hassle.

    When we moved to this house, our cats hid under our bed covers for two weeks without coming out…not ones for change at all

  3. Fortunately, my wife was not around much for our moves. She just came and enjoyed the house,once we were settled in. That is definitely the best part. Good Luck with your new home.

  4. well I would add : don’t go into a house renovation either !!!

    i’m glad it’s over – and you can now focus on how to decorate and fill your new space 🙂

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