Why does it rain when you move house?

After days and days of heat and sunshine and heat and…heat, the skies turned black last night and on my way to our new suburb this morning the heavens opened. Great timing. I was able to take a few of the worst quality phone pictures you’re ever likely to see though and so for your viewing pleasure(?) here is two incredibly blurry pictures of the living room (bigger than our current living room and bedroom!) and the huge deck which is the perfect sun trap…just not when I want it to be.



On the way home I ran into a friend who told me there is actually another thrift store/op shop in the suburb, just kind of tucked away – and aren’t they the best kind? There’s also a craft co-op shop which sells cute crafts at really low prices. I’m a bit torn – do I sell my stuff there at low prices or not sell it at all? Better to make any money from it or to maintain the “don’t underprice your crafts” thing.

See you after the move! If I survive anyway.



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5 responses to “Why does it rain when you move house?

  1. jen

    what a lovely big lounge and deck
    shame about the rain

  2. I wish you every good thing in your new home. You sound so excited!
    Be very happy there.

  3. Normally finding out about new thrift shops is a good thing but you’re going to have so much fun unpacking your boxes you won’t need to use it.

  4. Rain. That stinks! Maybe it’ll let up and you can get some things moved in to that giant living room of yours! And aren’t you going to just love lounging on that deck?! Wish I had one of those! 🙂 Enjoy!

  5. Maybe only sell the things that cost you bugger all in time in money to make at the cheap crafty shop? And sell the big $$ items on Etsy? Just a thought.

    Also tagged you, in case you want to procrastinate some more:

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