7 things meme

I have been tagged by two different people (Twenty Cent Mixture and CherryBerry to do the 7 things meme and it seems like a nice way to avoid packing so now I will sit here for twenty minutes thinking of anything that is vaguely interesting about me.

1. I don’t drive. I can…sort of. It’s just really hard for me to do safely. I have terrified nearly a dozen driving instructors/relatives/boyfriends/people silly enough to get in the car with me driving in two countries. I don’t think I’m that bad but some of their reactions lead me to suspect I’m not that good either.

2. I’m as good as blind in one eye. My right eye has such a bad astigmatism that although I can see ‘stuff’ with it I can’t focus it. I have limited depth perception as a result and it took me years to be able to catch a ball cos of it. This MAY have something to do with number 1 but I admit to nothing. This probably has nothing to do with my bad cooking/cleaning skills but I refuse to accept that it might not.

3. I’m fickle. If I say I will then until I do don’t assume I will. Okay?

4. Since I have been with Dave (and a little before that) I have discovered a deep love of being domestic. I’m not particularly good at it but I love it, now at least. Making bread, hanging out the washing, choosing which takeaway place we’ll shop at each night (we’re very inventive about excuses for not cooking).

5. I usually fall for the dorkiest man I can find. The runt who is 5 foot tall if he stands on the phone book. That runt also had a lazy eye. That was an all time low in my man standards. The guy who was very good looking but super arrogant and took up drinking only to end up groping a friend at a party. My dork detector is powerful.

6. I hate phones. Mobile phones, land line phones, the lot of them. What’s wrong with talking in person like we used to? Why do you insist on making me leave a message in which I will inevitably sound like a babbling moron? There’s laws against that sort of torture!

7. When Dave snores I cover his face with a pillow. Shhhh, he doesn’t need to see this. When I tried it out of desperation (seriously, I couldn’t have ONE boyfriend who doesn’t bloody snore????) and found that it didn’t smother him I have resorted to it more and more often.

And I’m still packing so I’m tagging anyone that has 7 things to share with us.

I’m going to the new house tomorrow so photos should be imminent. And I started two new embroidery swaps on swapbot if you like to stitch and swap:

Round two of the penny square redwork embroidery swap and a Japanese craft book embroidery swap for those of us who have a Japanese craft book and haven’t tried a single bloody thing from it despite the obsessive need to buy it.



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4 responses to “7 things meme

  1. Hi!
    Oh whoops, I didn’t realise that Louise had already tagged you!
    I had a bit the same problem as you with depth perception and hated sport when I was a kid because I could never catch anything!! 😉

  2. Bex

    You’re hilarious! Xxx

  3. snoring…listening to it is especially bad when I have insomnia. I get so jealous that Jon is able to sleep so soundly. I’ve never tried smothering him though : )

  4. Hey! I think I dated those dorks too!

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