Tis not often you find an excellent condition copy of Where The Wild Things are at the thrift store for 40 cents. Plus a copy of The Velveteen Rabbit for 30 cents.

Thrift scores
I need to have enough toys and books fairly soon for my future childcare charges to play with and since I’m a HUGE believer in early reading (my one problem with Waldorf learning) I had to buy them. I’m also a huge believer in penny pinching so it worked out well. Brand new WTWTA would cost about $17! I thrifted some nice pillowcases (I packed them already cos they’re pink and floral and Dave would not be impressed at what is about to grace our pillows) and the old thin ones will go towards pillowcase races. Any other fun ideas that I can buy cheap supplies for? I’m going to dye some play silks with homemade dyes – which we will call play calico’s hehehe.

I’m really excited about this chance to put some of that Waldorf education I read about in blogs into practise, especially since it’s such it’s such a crafty style of education. I mean, a Steiner (Waldorf) school curriculum teaches crochet and knitting!! It’s compulsory to learn to craft!! Now thats a school I would have wanted to get out of bed for as a kid.

(I’ve been a bit over enthusiastic with the packing and packed my embroidery stuff, which has left me a bit bored and my mind has wandered more than usual, thus the rather random topic of Waldorf Education)



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  1. jen

    cool books

    whats your address I may have some bits and pieces the child(ren) could play with

  2. Amy

    Is that from the new or old op shop? It certainly look like something worth moving for. Hope the move goes well. Enjoy you straight days crafting.

  3. Steph, have you checked out Jek’s kid stuff blog:

  4. eva

    Cool books indeed!
    I was attending a school where we learned crafts (all!of them) from 4th grade till 12th. I enjoyed it. Not all kids do, unfortunately…

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