Nervous energy

I got the financials sorted today for the move (we’re ahead of where I had hoped we’d be at thanks to a generous relative giving me $500 when most of my family wouldn’t loan me water if I was on fire) and we sign the last papers tomorrow morning and then I can pay the bond and three weeks rent. It’ll be nice to have three weeks breathing room to just chill in our big huge house. I’m planning on vanishing into my new sewing studio, throwing my fabric everywhere (so I can see it all finally and find out what I actually have) and sewing like a nutter for at least 3 straight days. It’s long overdue. I organised the phone and internet and they say we should have broadband the evening we move in…suspiciously optimistic for them but here’s hoping. We have a new phone number to memorise and the last three digits are similar to our current one which will lead to fun when I accidentally give people the wrong number. I would never do that on purpose….but I admit it’s tempting hehehe.

We’re moving to another suburb which means that although they have a (overpriced) thrift shop (nice for variety anyway) I have to say farewell to my lovely lovely local one. There’s always something worth buying and sometimes their bargains are jaw dropping so I may have to commute to thrift. But we’re moving to the top of a VERY steep hill so that will keep me safely away for the most part.

My mind is wired this week, I am running around like a crazy person so please bear with me if I say things that make no sense to you, chances are they made sense in my brain. Here’s pics of two hankies I thrifted today so you have something to look at if the rabbiting on about moving bores you:

thrifted hanky
thrifted hanky


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9 responses to “Nervous energy

  1. my3boysandi

    relatives like that are awesome arent they
    I have a special cousin in the UK
    the hankies are lovely
    will you have wonderful views since you will be on the top of a very steep road?

    keep thinking how worth this is all going to be
    when the moving gets stressful
    this tip helped me

  2. Congrats on the new place (and new sewing studio)!!! Love the hankies too!

  3. all the best with your move, you’ll do great.

  4. A sewing studio? You lucky, lucky girl! Thrilled for you!

  5. Make sure you share pics of your new place asap 🙂

  6. Bex

    Congratulations! I can’t wait to see the pics…Xxx

  7. yea! A new place! Have fun with your new rooms 🙂

  8. I’m very excited for you — even though it has to be done the hard way. nice family, i hope they read this post (grin) — good luck for all the boxes… it takes a while to get used to a new neighborhood, but then I’m sure you’ll discover fun places and thrift stores ! 😉

  9. eva

    Congratulations! I`m so happy, you got your dream house! And a sewing studio? Oh, wow! 🙂 Lucky,you!!!!!!!

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