No freakin’ way!!

We got offered the house!!! Someone offered her $420 (she wanted $380) a week which worried me and is just playing dirty frankly but she didn’t like them very much so if we can go up to $400 pw then it’s ours, unless our property manager from here gives us a bad review. Our friend Jimmy flirted us into the house by saying how great we are. We can’t afford $400….but we couldn’t afford $380 either so hey, lets go for it!! I have to find a child to look after asap to swing this but as tight as it will be this is a HUGE step forward for us!! She rang back after a while, we accepted and long story short: we sign the lease at 2pm today and move on the 5th!!


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5 responses to “No freakin’ way!!

  1. jen

    CONGRATULATIONS cant wait to see photos
    praying you get a child to look after real soon

  2. 🙂 Such good news! Yes, we want photos!

  3. Well done but I’m a bit worried about the “we can’t afford it” bit…


  4. Exciting! Where in Welly is it?
    I think you’re a great kiwi blogger and I have tagged you for the 7 random things meme. Please see my post at for details. Sorry if you’ve been tagged before, and I won’t be offended if you don’t participate!! Cheers, Louise

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