We came. We saw. We liked.

We viewed yet another rental property this morning. Like 45 minutes ago actually. I practically ran home (except fat people should never ever run) to blog and let off some excitement. We’ve seen houses that were more immediately perfect to live in, we’d need to put a gate on the back yard of this one etc but it’s the most ‘us’ house we have viewed to date. Every room is sunny and light, it’s in the quietest street but 5 minutes from everything, huge deck, a dishwasher (the holy grail of renting) and most importantly I have chosen the room to put my sewing studio in. Is there anything more important? Priorities and all. I could see myself having a family there until the day we can buy our own house. It’s slightly scruffy which means we wouldn’t have to pussyfoot around in fear of breaking anything but it’s also full of potential. I rate rental properties on whether I could see myself buying it and this house has buyer written all over it. Wish us luck and send us good vibes please!! We could be in there in NINE DAYS!!!

In celebration here is two (blurry) pics of our ginger ninja being tortured silly. He’s so funny at times. And patient.
Kidnapped cat:
Kidnapped kat

Karate cat:
Karate Kat



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4 responses to “We came. We saw. We liked.

  1. jen

    You do have a funny cat
    My prayers and thoughts are with you regarding the house
    if its the one and meant to be itll happen

  2. congrats! I hope it works out for you

  3. Any of my cats would eat us alive if we tried to get them to post w/a prop.

    And to help with your rental situation. *hand to forehead, fingers waving toward monitor*…good vibes…brain waves…good vibes…brain waves…good vibes.

  4. the place sounds great… can’t wait until you share pix — will you ? —
    your cat looks like a twin to our “Peanut” ginger boy !!!

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