We’ve had suuuch slow internet for a while, to the point where nothing can be downloaded at certan times of day and commenting on blogs is deathly slow, and we found out tonight that we have had a piggybacker leaching off our wireless connection BIG TIME. We normally average 5-8gig a month, we are up to 48gig this month so far!! This guy has been downloading something fierce. And he’s been at it since the end of December, nearly a full month of sneaking. I actually feel violated, like we’ve been robbed where we thought we were safe. We pay a small fortune for our internet too, and some cheap bstard stole it. Ugh. Some people just have no shame. But Dave has implemented a ton of new security and now perhaps I’ll be able to comment on blogs rather than give up while the page is loading.

While he took over my laptop for that I decided to channel my anger at the internet thief by sewing (it must be poking pins into fabric that relieves a lot of my tension) a new pink bird to increase my flock. It came out better than the first although I will move the ribbon higher than the book says to next time, these two point down and look like they are dive bombing something when they are hung.

The beginnings of a flock

Next I plan to sew a pincushion. Two projects from the same book! *gasp*



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6 responses to “Violated

  1. mywoodenrobot

    Those are so cute!

  2. my3boysandi

    Far out!!! (thats mild to what I really said)
    go into attack mode Dave!!!!
    its not right!!!

    I like the birds or as My Little Man would call them ducks (he also calls all round fruit a ball)


  3. I was about to type profanties, but Jen’s demonstration of restraint shamed me outta it.
    Soooo cross-making!!! Get that Firewall iron clad…or something like that.

    On a happier note, the birdies are coming along nicely, so cute!

  4. I love the black one! I haven’t gotten the book for those birdies yet. Textbooks have to come first. Hopefully soon.

  5. The birds are so adorable. I’ve only just been lucky enough to find your blog – it’s great! – so, I have to know, do you sell the birds anywhere in Wellington? Or on the net?

    And growl to the person who stole your internet.

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