The siren song of the thrift store can be fatal to those who heed it’s call

Destash tally for the week:

In’s: 42 – due to a pile of free books I hope to sell on and a pile of Beatrix Potter books I couldn’t say no too. I did buy two craft books in nearly new condition for $1 each!! Those are welcome! One is about sewing toys and one is for knitting the cutest toys I ever saw. My mum knits so maybe my shop will have a new section in it soon.

Outs: 198 – I attacked the abandoned junk on the living room shelves this week with success. 87 old burnt CD’s, 12 CD spindles, my old work shirts (considered cutting them up for cloth napkins but the sight of them makes me mad still) and lots and lots of assorted little pieces of ‘Made in China’ type junk. Does Made in China junk depress anyone else? So much oil and sweatshop labour and horrificly low prices and it just gets thrown out so fast. The $2 shop is my idea of hell now. Kids today (oh no, am I really using that term?) have no concept of value when it comes to possessions, there’s always ‘more’.

Shake it all about: 1 fabric bird – it’s too hot to make anything bigger/requiring more effort. I almost want winter…well autumn maybe.

Nett total out this week:  156 (and I still have a bunch of Dave’s stuff to go through but shhhh he won’t like it.) Combined with last weeks nett total that brings January’s total to: 234! My focus for the rest of the month other than cleaning out the junk is to BRING LESS IN! It’s one thing to get rid of stuff but it’s pointless to do that if I am turning around and bringing stuff in.



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5 responses to “The siren song of the thrift store can be fatal to those who heed it’s call

  1. You are getting there. Good to get the “stuff” out isn’t it. Sometimes I don’t get much in during the week – at others they seem to fly in the door.
    Janet McK

  2. this is inspiring me to get rid of stuff. I’ve pretty much stopped the buying problem I’ve got for now…now I just need to get rid of some things that I just don’t want to part with but don’t really need anymore

  3. my3boysandi


  4. theshoppingsherpa

    You know the really great thing? You no longer have that negative energy from the shirts hanging round…

  5. Shopping Sherpa makes a very good point…might have to apply the same logic to the clothes I have that are now too small!
    Yep, I HATE that $2 shop junk, all those awful resin ornaments and crappy decorations. Blurgh.
    Currently I’m still got more stuff going out than coming in, but I don’t feel bad about the stuff I buy becuase I’ve vowed this year to “buy quality, buy once” …and to hit the op shop first before the normal shops when I need something specific. (apart from groceries and the like, duh.) 😛

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