What are the odds, I get a great new craft book that I am totally digging, have plans to make a heap more birds then someone goes and gives me a free 29″ TV WITH a stand and DVD player. Ugh, don’t you hate it when that happens?? Well, when it takes up your whole living room and requires feats of athletic prowess to even get into your craft desk chair then I do hate it. It feels so cramped *sigh* So although it will not equal the size the TV has stolen I am currently undertaking a serious in-depth destash of burnt CD’s and abandoned junk. It’s amazing how light it makes you feel to clear out junk. We will take it all to the recycling place tomorrow, yay!!

On a totally unrelated laugh out loud moment I just got an email from NZ Gardener mag. You remember the mag I won a $50 voucher from? Yeah those guys. I joined their mailing list and entered a competition last week to win a book about the farmers market boom. Yep, I won!! No idea when or how I will get the book but it’s a $35 book that I really wanted!! Free!! Yippee!! I don’t even usually read the emails properly but my name just jumped out at me. What a great Friday!!

Oh yes AND the noisy NOISY upstairs couple seem to have split up, it looks like she is moving her stuff out today. So the house will hopefully be a lot quieter and if we are really lucky he will move out too and we can move in there. Well, I have hope at least!!

Happy weekend!!



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