Being Martha

*** Dave picked a random number and the winner of the giveaway is Kellie. I’ll email you Kellie! ***

A few of the more amazing things from this week:

  • We’re contacting a rental agency tomorrow about a gorgeous property we saw online! Fingers crossed, this place looks gooooood. The kitchen alone makes me drool, it has a flat fenced yard and it’s in a lovely area.
  • Destash frenzy! In this weeks second destash I got rid of 85 things and only brought in 13! Earlier this week the 1st destash of the year sent 49 things out and 43 in (not proud). If my maths is right then the nett total out is 78. And it’s starting to make a difference around the house too. It’s still full of junk but I feel like I have made a tiny dent. I have more lined up to get rid of this coming week when Dave is safely out of the house (some of it is his stuff lol).
  • One of the in’s:
  • Thrifted French baker/chef/thingy

  • Channeling Martha Stewart is all good but I suspect it’s a LOT easier when you have a dishwasher (I don’t) and don’t have carpal tunnel (I do).
  • I just whipped this inspiration board up this evening,out of stuff I had lying around. I don’t like the pink but it’s a temporary solution for now:

Homemade inspiration board



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5 responses to “Being Martha

  1. my3boysandi

    praying re the house

    I like your board

  2. theshoppingsherpa

    *Sounds of hot and sweaty applause from across the Tasman*

  3. cute inspiration board! I’d like to make one of those for my sewing room this year.

    I hope the rental hunt works out for you! Jon and I were stuck in a tiny apartment just after we got married (had to walk over things to get anywhere) and now we’re enjoying our tiny, but twice as big house, and our own separate spaces.

  4. Yay! I won! 🙂 Best of luck with the house hunting. The perfect house will eventually come your way! The little chef…so cute!

  5. oh love this colorful board !!!

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