Beauty in the ordinary

Some days I’m Martha Stewart, reveling in domestic life, other days I find it a little harder. Today feels like it’s time to put away the computer (literally pack it into the laptop bag if thats what it takes to get the heck offline!!) and enjoy the world for a couple of days. Not too long, just long enough to sew a couple of things, grow a couple of things, bake a couple of things and love my family without a screen between us. When the Martha mood leaves me I will return laden with homemade goodness. Until then I leave you with a photo of what is probably weeds but struck me as so beautiful. And some mostly thrifted bowls that I had to buy to take them home and give them the life they were made for.

The worlds most artistic weeds




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5 responses to “Beauty in the ordinary

  1. eva

    Beautiful pic of bowls!!!

  2. that pic of the bowls is gorgeous! enjoy your time away : )

  3. my3boysandi

    hope you had a nice time

  4. s.

    i wanted to thank you for the knitting book recommendation 🙂 i think i am going to pick that one up! i hope you had a lovely day…i find that i am stuck to my computer a little too much at times too…i love the bowl picture!

  5. Good for you! I get myself glued to the computer way more than I care to admit.

    I agree with everyone else swooning over your bowl photo. Very pretty!

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