Digging my way through the stuff

I took the holidays off from my attempt to de-stash cos it was a losing battle with Dave home and a fat writing commission in the bank. So I decided to postpone de-stashing from December 24th until Jan the 7th when the local op shop re-opened from its holiday.  The rain meant I couldn’t until today though so as soon as there was a hint of sunshine today I filled two bags full of stuff and waddled down the hill (a damn good workout) to give it all back to the op shop I bought it from. It really only scratched the surface of the ‘stuff’ but after the spending lately it was something.

So far this week: (bear in mind I still actually have some of that $700 left)


  • 5 fabrics
  • 1 art canvas
  • 1 embroidery pattern book (It was $2, I had to)
  • 1 soft fabric toy mag (also $2, no choice but to buy it)
  • 1 linen/rayon shirt (to embroider on when I cut it up)
  • 1 single duvet (to cut up)
  • 1 elephant toy (for my elephant collection)
  • 1 pack of bells for crafting
  • 1 bag of wooden pigs (don’t ask)
  • 1 book (free with a newspaper promotion – The Boleyn Inheritance)
  • 3 mini easel stands for my crafts
  • 2 puzzle books
  • 4 ribbons (velvet was $1 a metre)
  • 10 embroidery threads
  • 10 recycled paper envelopes

Total in: 43 (yikes)


  • 10 magazines – op shop
  • 14 books – op shop: where I bought most of them from in the first place
  • 1 Hardcover Harry Potter exercise book – never used it but it’s old as
  • 1 rubbish yoyo – Binned: from a Christmas cracker, it didn’t even work
  • 1 cookie snack container thing – freebie from Supermarket
  • 1 glittery painted rock – I will buy anything sparkly. I got it at a gypsy fair.
  • 1 bag – op shop
  • 1 US Flag: bought in the US on my trip there 2.5 yrs ago. I was swept up in Patriotism and didn’t think about the fact that I have no need for a 5ftx3ft flag.
  • 19 embroidery threads – sent to Eva as part of a private swap

Out: 49 (this is only de-stash #1 for this week, all I could carry)

There will be a major de-stash over the next couple of weeks. I MUST find my craft desk again, I keep losing it. I’m still buying a lot but I am at least starting to think more before I buy. The thought of $2 Shops now fills me with dread, all that Chinese sweatshop labour and plastic crap.



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4 responses to “Digging my way through the stuff

  1. eva

    Oh, yes, these lovely (and cheap) embroidery threads will be MINE soon! :)) Thank you, Thank You!

  2. sounds like you’re making great progress : )

  3. my3boysandi

    well done
    if your getting rid of mags again
    think of me
    id pay postage

  4. Excellent job – I love that you combined it with a good work out. Go the multi-tasking. 🙂

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