Raining cats and dogs

Well dogs maybe, the cats won’t go out unless they have no choice. I prewashed my fabrics yesterday and they got promptly rained on so that brought the great shop update to a screeching halt. The beautiful yellow floral smock I made recently shrunk in the wash, or at least the outer fabric did so it sits a little large against the lining and I decided that as annoying as it is I better prewash all fabrics to prevent that sort of thing happening again. Just as the torrential rain causing flooding across Australia has moved over here to New Zealand. The portable drying rack takes up half the kitchen (I wish I was joking about that) so it’s challenging but here is a sneak peak of the upcoming shop update to add a little colour to this entry:

Preparing for a shop update



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2 responses to “Raining cats and dogs

  1. my3boysandi

    like the material
    raining here too

  2. Bex

    What? It’s finally raining at home? I gotta get more informed…
    Oh yeah. I’m really weak too…Xxx

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