I am weak!! And I don’t care!!

All you have to do is look at the last entry and you can guess why. Two thrift store craft books ‘fell’ into my bag for $2 each. Let’s face it, I’m a crafter so I NEED craft books. Mr IT Guy is an IT Guy so he needs computer parts. It’s something I have to accept – within reason. And after a wonderful crafter sent me half a million PDF’s so I can make three patterns from this book and this book (thanks Oiyi and thanks to Rebekah for offering too) I found the Flickr pool for this book and was so envious I decided that enough is enough. So now the book will be mine within 2 weeks (Internet shopping may be convenient but they don’t rush to ship it out to you do they?). To try make myself feel better I have decided to not buy The New Crewel. I don’t think I would use it enough right now…but my birthday is in April and it’s not expensive so Dave might get the hint.

Oh and don’t worry, I have been sewing feverishly and there will soon be actual photos of crafts in my craft blog soon. I’m working on a shop update finally.




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7 responses to “I am weak!! And I don’t care!!

  1. OK – I think that book may have jumped into my bag also at $2. What fun you will have.

    Thank you for the comment on my blog..

    Janet McKinney

  2. you will not regret this purchase! like I said, it’s in my top two : )

  3. Good on you! Looking forward to seeing what you make from the book (it’s on my “to-buy” list too…)

  4. Yay! And don’t feel bad if the books sit on your shelves for 6 months or so before you actually make anything out of them. I find my crafting interests go in cycles, right now I like stitching, then another time I want to make stuffed bunnies…and it’s good to know when I’m into patchwork again (or whatever) I’ve got a book on the shelf waiting to give me a pattern!

  5. Patchwork and Quilted Gifts is a beautiful book. Even if you never make one thing in it(but I bet you will), you’ll enjoy it. I haven’t and I do! And craft books for two bucks? You CAN’T pass that kind of deal up!!

  6. We call these things working tools and they are essential – don’t beat yourself up about it. If it was Last Minute Knitted Gifts for $2 it would have come home with me, no worries.

  7. twolimeleaves

    There is no way i would have been able to resist that book either! It’s so lovely and what a bargain!

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