Craft book hoarding

The topic of hoarding craft books has come up in email exchange with several people lately. So so many of us crafters see a new craft book. everyone has it, the patterns are to die for and we desperately want it. When we give in with all sorts of justification (I haven’t bought one in a a whole month! I’ll use it all the time! etc.), because we usually do, we hardly ever even use the books we just had to have. Shelves and shelves of craft books are tucked in sewing rooms, basements, bedrooms (fyi, moving them to beside the bed doesn’t increase their odds of being read). I was desperate to buy Bend-the-rules Sewing and actually I am glad I did – I use it enough to justify it. The embroidery books, the craft mags, every other craft book I do not use and have never even read them. Pathetic. But if you held a hot glue gun to my head and told me to get rid of them? Couldn’t do it. Nope, not even one. Cos I might use them. One day. As my mother says: soon. Not to mention as soon as I got rid of them I’d feel this urgent need to make that thing in that book, you know that one I don’t have any more.

It’s a conundrum I tell ya. I am heavily leaning towards buying The New Crewel next week because as a library book (oh and if you get that book you desperately want out of the library you will use it every single day until it’s due back but the second you buy it your interest will vanish) and it has some great resources to help me achieve 2 of my 2008 goals – satin stitch and long & short stitch. I’m trying uber-hard to get rid of some craft mags (I might keep the embroidery patterns in the middle to make it easier on me) to really justify buying it.

BUT I also am quite desperate to buy two other of the ‘in’ books of the moment. This one and this one. I need them, they speak to me. Buuuuyyyy us!! But getting rid of a couple of mags just to buy a couple of books – I’ve enjoyed having money lately and I needed that fabric top up but other than that it’s made me feel far too materialistic. And I (it hurts to say this bit) DO NOT NEED MORE BOOKS TO NEVER READ! The thrift store opens from its holiday break on Monday and I think it’s time to just take most of that pile of stuff I have been murmuring about selling and just give it all back to them. They can consider the money I gave them for the stuff in the first place a charitable donation. This is going to be a year of priorities and more money, less ‘stuff’ is one of them.


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8 responses to “Craft book hoarding

  1. eva

    I`m absolutely THAT pathetic person myself. I love buying books and magazines! OK, magazines first πŸ™‚
    Don`t worry not using these – they are more often a source of inspiration, not for your everyday reading anyway.
    And satin stitch will come if you really practice it (a lot!), not by reading some (pretty good) book.
    So, go on and buy lot`s of books but don`t worry what happens next! There is something in just having that book in your bookshelf πŸ™‚

  2. Oooh yes, latest purchase is a Japanese embroidery book I bought from Etsy last month that is now sitting collecting dust on the shelf. I love that Lotta Jansdotter one – I found it in a store in Greytown, but could’t justify spending $65 on it. Surely I can get it online somewhere cheaper??

  3. s.

    that “simple sewing” book looks great! i’ve been looking for a new book and some new projects! i think i might get that one too! thanks! you don’t happen to know of any good beginning knitting books do you? i mean i know you sew (cute smocks by the way!), but do you by any chance, know of any good intro knitting books…i have been searching and just can’t seem to find a good one that will teach me the basics πŸ™‚ have a great day!

  4. I’m pretty sure my new year’s resolution (well one of them) is to not buy any craft books…we’ll see how that goes : )

  5. I totally know what you mean! I have every book you just listed except for the Crewel Book, but that is only because I don’t embroider. I have been buying way too many Japanese Craft magazines and Japanese Craft Books and I don’t even read Japanese.

    Psst…email me with your email address. I might be able to help you out with those patterns you mentioned.

  6. mywoodenrobot

    I’m EXACTLY the same way… That’s why it’s so hard for me to clean my room. But if I keep saying I’ll use an item year after year and I notice that I haven’t and it doesn’t have an sentimental value to me, then I have to throw it out. It’s tough being a pack rat.

  7. Oh geesh. That’s me you’re talking about, too! I have Bend the Rules and the two on your wish list. Like you, I’ve used Bend the Rules a lot. I’ve only made one thing from Simple Sewing and I just sit and drool at the projects in Last Minute Patchwork, knowing I’ll probably never ever make one thing in that book. I ordered two more craft books last week and couldn’t even tell you the titles right now! My sewing desk is quickly becoming overrun with craft/quilting books, but I don’t think I could get rid of mine either. This is a sickness! πŸ˜‰ and looking at the previous comments it appears we all have it! πŸ˜›

  8. I love craft books too! But I don’t have any of the ones you mentioned. I don’t feel at all bad about buying them, because I love books and never feel that they’re a waste of money. I’ll go through the ones on my shelf every so often for inspiration and a fix of eye candy.
    But yep, remember to yell out to blogland if you’re after anything rather than spend the $$, because there’s usually always someone who’s willing to share πŸ™‚

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