New Year mail and such

I’m running a little late as usual but hey, why change just because the calender did. My burnt arm is radiating some fierce heat and pain and I’m fairly sure yesterdays sun overload is the source of my flu-like syptoms (flu brain) but I finally got my thoughts together enough to come up with some goals for the year and I know you’re dying to know them.

  • Learn satin stitch – time to take my embroidery to the next level
  • Learn long and short stitch – again time to get a bit more adventurous
  • Drop at LEAST 2 sizes, so I don’t have to shop in the fat chick section anymore
  • Sell more on etsy
  • Shop less (just because I can buy it doesn’t mean I have to damn it!!)

The year has certainly started out well. The mail man has given me several packages in the past two days and I know I have more to come. This is from Drewzel, lots of crafty love to keep me occupied when Dave goes back to work next week:

Mail love


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7 responses to “New Year mail and such

  1. my3boysandi

    sounds a bit like sunstroke
    i was really surprised to find i was sunburnt yesterday too
    i wasnt outside for long but it doesnt take long does it

    i like your package especially the material

  2. eva

    Yay to satin stitch! Remember to practice every day – this is so important! :))

  3. Yay! You finally got it haha. When I recover from Christmas, I’ll send you some more goodies. (Bah I had to spend $360 on new tyres today.) Can’t wait to see what you make!

  4. mywoodenrobot

    Those are good goals! I can’t wait to see the new stitches. I hope you’re feeling better and Happy New Year!

  5. cute fabrics! Have you checked out The New Crewel? It’s got a great tutorial on satin stitch and long/short stitches. Although I’m pretty sure you could find comparable tutorials online for free (wink wink!)

  6. wow – far out!
    I love the bird fabric – what is it?

    Hmm, yes I’m in diet mode too. And actually making progress!

  7. hours of fun projects to expect !!! 😉

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