Day trip

We took a day trip to a beach about 2 1/2 hours away since Dave is going back to work next week(I’ll be sercety glad to have the house to myself during the days to sew!) . The drive was a blur to me, my stomach and the bf driving at high speed over a huge curvy hill…not a good combo. But it was a good day in the end despite a few hiccups:
– I burnt one arm really badly. I had my left arm up on the window frame (passengers sit on the left in NZ) there and back, about 5 hours of sunshine on my left arm. Only my left arm. It’s glowing right now and so painful.
– I (you’ll notice a pattern: it’s all ‘I’, never ‘He’) busted the zip on my jeans in my attempt to pee without touching the public toilet. And I failed at that too. So we had to go shopping on the way home. Cos that was my only pair of jeans. Naturally.
– Some jerk was driving really erratically so we had to call the cops on him. I hate driving behind people swerving around, I can’t help but envision them crashing right before our eyes.

But there were good bits too:
– The years exercise in one day
– Lots of sun and holiday home envy
– Sitting in the car in the shade of a tree, just chilling with my baby on a weekday
– Just chilling with my baby on any day
– The best fruit ice cream (strawberry) ever
– These photos:
I can’t believe I climbed that!!

Home of the lost soles



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6 responses to “Day trip

  1. my3boysandi

    OUch!!!! your poor arm

    cool photos
    LOL especially the 2nd one

  2. I love the “lost soles”! Good work for climbing, I would have passed out after half a km. I did the same thing to my left arm on Xmas/Boxing Day driving. It stung for days, blistered up, and now it’s just started peeling.

  3. Happy New Year!

    Lost souls that is too funny!

  4. such a pretty view! And oops about the zipper incident. I once was stranded in the woods and had a similar thing happen…to be a guy for a couple minutes would surely help!

  5. Happy New Year! Those are wonderful pics…a trip to the beach sounds like Heaven right about now! It was 11º this morning here. And if it makes you feel better about your busted zipper…I once got myself caught…yes caught…in a jumpsuit in a thrift shop dressing room. Serves me right for trying on a jumpsuit. It was too small, I was too big…got it zipped up and could not get out of it without ripping it off and leaving the store quickly with my head down and the jumpsuit still on the dressing room floor. Sad, but true.

  6. Yay for Castle Point. I went there for the first time at Easter last year and loved it. Hope your sunburn is feeling a bit better now.

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