Wanted – one victim

Victim is the wrong word but it’s best I could do for a snappy title. I need someone, preferably someone who embroiders (*coughdrewzel?cough*) to look at the embroidery pattern I lovingly created and reassure me it’s not a dogs breakfast tell me me what they think. I’m not a drawer by nature, so I’m conscious of the fact that it’s drawn a bit rough and I’d appreciate a 2nd opinion before I put it in the shop. Any embroiderers want to be a prototyper?



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7 responses to “Wanted – one victim

  1. ooh! I’d love to try (and I’d get to try out my new lightbox)…although it might take me a few days to get finish it with the holiday and everything : )

  2. I’m happy to have a look too if you want 🙂
    (ooh Rebekah, a lightbox!!!)

  3. I will take a boo for you if you like!
    Happy Holidays

  4. eva

    Happy New Year!!!!!!!

  5. Not volunteering, just saying a quick hello. Now that Rob is back at work (boo hoo!!!) I am playing catch-up with everyone. Congrats on the writing job and the pretty stashes. Oh, and of course, Happy 2008!!!

  6. I would also have a look for you – I am sure it would be lovely.

    Best wishes


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