• The destash hid a rough spot over Christmas as expected. A real rough spot thanks to the US$500/NZ$699 that I got for writing work I did. 14 new fabrics, some gardening stuff and various other things. 24 things in I think and 4 things out if I really push it so I’m going to hold off on the second destash until the op shops (thrift stores) are open again on the 7th when I’ll be able to get rid of lots of stuff at once. For now I’m trying to sell what I can.
  • The gardening stuff included a lemon tree and some cat nip and cat grass seeds. I am determined to grow (not kill) a plant damn it!
  • I’m still kind of bummed about my dad making no contact this Christmas. He’s decided that neither my sister nor I are worth contacting. Lovely.
  • My sewing desk has once again sunk underneath the ‘stuff’ and yet I can’t seem to find a thing to throw out. Must try harder!!
  • I’m going to be creating a few sewing/embroidery patterns to list in the shop in the new year. We finally got a scanner and I’m so excited!
  • Check this out:

Safety felt cap



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5 responses to “Miscellany

  1. There’s always another week for turfing stuff, but Christmas only comes once in the year. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. my3boysandi

    all the best with those plants

    concentrate on what you do have – your wonderful man and many friends who care about you
    I am estranged from my parents and my daughter
    I learnt that you have to focus on what u do have

    I doubt that hat would offer much protection

  3. Anti-shock felt? Where can I get my hands on that…my felt keeps shocking me, especially when driving!

    Can’t wait to see your embroidery designs, bring it on!

  4. sounds like you deserved some new things with that extra check this year!

  5. theshoppingsherpa

    Ahh.. but you probably thought more and bought less than you would have before you started the challenge, right? And Taph’s right. It’s Christmas. We both decided to include Christmas in our counting but there’s no reason for others not to decide otherwise ๐Ÿ™‚

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