A frenzy of activity

I fought the law shopping bug and the law shopping bug won. I had a huge fabric stash top up – 14 fabrics! It cost a fortune (not to mention completely ruined my destash and fiscal fasting) but it’s the basis of my fabric for the next year. And it is truly gorgeous stuff too:

Some of this weeks 14 fabrics

I was even so inspired by it all (and maybe a little guilty but I’m not admitting to that) that I dug furiously through the pile of stuff on my desk to get to the sewing machine and sew! This smock is made out of a Pacific Island floral print (possibly the only one that doesn’t remind me of large Samoans in lava lava’s) and is so cute I can’t stand it! It’s ‘peppy’ and I’m torn between listing it on Etsy or quietly adding it to the growing collection in the wardrobe. Might have to buy more of that fabric….am thinking of making one to give away on the blog too.

Smock - front

Smock - back

AND my Acorn Stitchette embroidery pattern from Wee Wonderfuls came today too. My wrists are really sore from too much sewing/embroidery but it’s gorgeous and on the must do list:

Acorn Fairy stitchette

ANNNNDDDD We looked at a house to rent this evening. Not sure it’s somewhere we’d want to rent long term (the bathroom is tucked off the kitchen!!) but it would enable me to do some childcare at home to pay for (fabric and) the privilege of three bedrooms aka one bedroom, a computer room for Dave and a SEWING ROOM! A cutting table? Leaving stuff half done and not worrying about cats? Dare I dream?? It has a garden thats packed with trees and bushes and although the rents on the high side we’d get one valuable thing – complete free rein over the property. The landlord says we’d be able to do what we want and could treat it as our property. Thats worth a lot. Just that bathroom off the kitchen thats a bit…hmmm. I am itching to do some childcare though and earn my own money again. It’s a thinker for sure.



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7 responses to “A frenzy of activity

  1. cute smock! love all the fabrics that you’ve collected : )

  2. my3boysandi

    lovely material
    u know i like those smocks
    praying that if its the house God wants you to be in He make it very clear to you
    it does sound nice
    though Id be weary about what the landlord said
    make sure you do a house inspection if you take it on

  3. Fantastic fabrics! And the smock(and your previously posted smocks)…so so so CUTE! I wish I had a little girl to make smocks and dolls and toys and girly things for!! Sigh.

  4. Love the fabrics, especially the little bunny one!
    Put the smock on Etsy 🙂
    …what if your bub is a boy? hahha.

    PS. new house sounds fab, go for it!!

  5. Great fabrics! And the smock is so cute. I actually bought some boxes to organize my fabric stash. Let’s see how far I can get with organizing.

  6. I love the smock too bad my “baby girl” is turning 8 in a couple of weeks.

    Just a warning – even when you finally get a sewing room, it still creeps out onto to the kitchen table!

  7. Bex

    Now. You’re always saying how much you like Japan & would love to visit.
    Guess where most bathrooms are in Japanese houses?
    6 degrees of seperation & all that…Xxx

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